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Any master in Feng Shui that knows his stuff will agree that everything on earth is made out of or produces energy. This goes from earth itself, to water, fire, even our brain. Itís no wonder we are included in this since our body is made out of over 85% of water. Now whether we create good or bad energy is all entirely up to us. If we think the glass is half empty or if the thought of someone in traffic cuts you off then chances are, everything in our life even personally will be affected by this.

From time to time there are interviews on television with Feng shui masters. On these interviews on of the most commonly asked question is about the best possible remedy when doing Feng shui. They believe that if our hearth is good then nothing else matters. Itís very inspiring when you think about it.

In essence what they want to teach us is that good always wins over bad. Itís never too late to change our own behaviour. Think of Feng shui as something added to our lives to help us live a more balanced one. But again itís one thing to decorate our homes in the Feng shui manner but if our intentions are not well destined then we will get what is coming back at us.

Everything about Feng shui is about a balanced healthy life (our thoughts, our feelings etc.) Like I said, if your going to live the Feng shui, donít do it hypocritically. For example take a look at the priests at the time of Jesus Christ, sure they had beautiful temples, but they did not followed what they were preaching. If you are Feng Shui, you are a Feng Shui all the way.

You probably heard that sometimes, we leave energy behind us (sort of a carbon copy). Itís the same thing with the builders of your decorations. If by a stroke of bad luck a builder wasnít happy, then you might not get the results you want.

Because society is a little naÔve these days, scammers all over the world have taken advantage of poor unsuspecting people. You might want to do a little research on your Feng shui consultant is, because you might end up being disappointed and a little less rich then when you considered your new life.

Make sure you research the past success and reviews from those who required the service of the Feng shui professional so you donít get disappointed if the desired effect donít come true. Believe me sometimes you will feel right away if heís the real deal or not.

If you are going to adopt Feng shui you have to realize and accept the fact that you are not the centre of the universe and that you should not try to control the elements. Those with great success in life came to realize that itís easier to work with someone rather than working against someone else. Balance is the perfect word to define Feng shui.

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